Asturian Eastern coast consists mainly of limestone which contributes to the formation of caves, chasms, etc. It is of great scenic beauty, and also has a great cultural and historical heritage value, such as the prehistoric sites and the beauty of Indian architecture.

There are plenty of beaches, some almost empty, because you have to leave the car and walk, and others more full because of their proximity to villages or their ease of parking, but all are spectacular. There are some beaches with no sea (indoor beaches), others open to the Cantabrian which are ideal for surfing, others totally calm waves like lakes with rivers flowing, some are ideal for children, and finally there are beaches steep to walk along their cliffs.

It is very important to get a table of tides as at high tide goes up to 4.50 meters, so there are beaches that almost disappear and surf careful, because although the waves seem that push to the beach, the surf can take you offshore.

It is worth buying the Guide to Asturian beaches by Javier Arana Chao, Trea Editions, in which he describes all the services of the Asturian beaches, with photos. But we must not miss seeing the following ones:

  • Guadamía beach in Llames de Pria and its area of jesters. View on map
  • Cuevas de Mar beach and its neighbor San Antonio. View on map
  • San Antolin beach. Ideal for surfing and long walks. View on map
  • Gulpiyuri beach. Very special, although you can’t the Cantabrian. View on map
  • Torimbia beach. Nudist beach. View on map
  • Arenal de Poo beach. Highly recommended with children. View on map
  • Buelna beach. Beautiful beach with a pinnacle in the middle of the cove. View on map
  • Cobijero beach. Another indoor beach. View on map
  • Ribadesella beach. Surrounded by a beautiful walk with Indiano houses. View on map
  • Barro beach. Very beautiful. Where the spanish film Grandfather was shot. View on map
  • La Isla beach and Espasa beach. Large and with multiple corners. View on map

We recommend you to take a look at this guide of Gourmet beaches.